Core Business


Core business of Teknotrim can be considered as welding , foaming , sewing & upholstery , last assembly with final control process.

Welding Workshop

Welding workshop contains 10 manual welding operation cells and one robotic welding unit.

Foaming Workshop

We can make our own foam design and production internally. We produce more than 420.000 units backrest and seat cushion foams per year.

Foaming density control can be made internally by foam density machinery that is designed and produced by TEKNOROB who is group company of TEKNOTRIM producing robotic systems with highest technology.

Hereby holding this machinery , we can make density control in prototype , pre-serial and serial phase of the product in various periods and all datas have been reported and followed up by our Quality Department regularly.

The foam density control machine is controlled , tested and funded due to it is considered as a national technology by The Scientific And Technological Research Council Of Turkey. The machinery is also patented by TEKNOROB.

Sewing & Upholstery Workshop

Sewing and upholstery design & application can be made internally. Upholstery design and applications are made in our pre-serial and prototype preperation workshop that is under the responsibility and management of R&D department. Therefore we can provide customize solutions by satisfying to expectations of the customers in a short period of time.

Upholstery Applications For Cinema & Conference

Upholstery Applications For Commercial Vehicle Seats

Final Assembly

Final assembly process is including assembling of the main structures and parts by specified montage methods.