Quality Management


Quality management is one of the most important issue in order to keep sustainable development by satisfying of the customer quality expectations.

"Here at Teknotrim, we combine the satisfaction of our customers and the development of products designed to suit their individual wishes with technical innovation and the continuous improvement of our products and processes. This is our understanding of quality management. And also to provide the equal quality level to our respectabşe clients is the most important topic that is always considered in scope of quality management.It is the cornerstone for our success as a premium manufacturer of seating systems in the national and international commercial vehicle and healthy care industries.Also for cinema&conference seating system market, we always experiment with adapting of the automotive industry international regulation and quality norms and level due to as TEKNOTRIM we have completely integrated seating system capability.We can only ensure the high quality and reliability of our products because all of our employees see this as their shared duty and feel personally responsible for it.

Product quality at TEKNOTRIM means modern design, high-quality materials, the use of the latest technologies, adherence to environmental regulations and legal norms, such as those from the Turkish and international Road Traffic Law, and the fulfilment of the highest safety standards. We are constantly improving our products. We have implemented a comprehensive quality management system for this purpose. In addition to regular audits of internal processes, products and suppliers, this also includes special problem-solving methods, the accurate documentation of all processes and their improvement, and the implementation of an internal suggestion scheme, which employees are heavily involved in."