As Teknotrim , we notably focused on to generate the new generation passenger seats with multi funcitonal features. For instance, for Ambulances, we have generated completely new design doctor seats based on EN 1789 & ECE 95 / 28 M1 International European Regulation Norms with full of requested functions as 360° swivel mechanism that makes the seat turn into its own plane with four of locking points in each 90°

The swivel mechanism works on the special ball system triggered by metal pipe connecting to spring and when an end user take the rotate system arm located on left side on the seat in seating position , the spring mechanism pulling of the metal pipe and the rotate system is released till to first 90° of locking point. With smooth usage of rotate system the end user can use the swivel mechanism effortlessly.

Other side, also to provide of back reclining function with 170° inclination limit , it helps the end users to use of the seat for operations notably when truly emergency situations are lived or for resting of the operators after truly heavy work day or mission. The reclining function works with special gear mechanism which is designed by Teknotrim R&D. The reclining function is released by armrest located on right side of the seat in seating position and when the arm is pulled up smoothly , the reclining gear system is released and you can fix of the backrest in which position you need.

Other most important function is 3P Automatic Safety Belt Mechanism With "ALL AGE" running into the backrest. The 3P Safety belt retractor is located into the headrest foam and the belt is passing through the plastic direction which can be located on both sides of the headrest with all age space. The all age direction makes the end users to not hurt their neck when the belt touches and fasten during an operation.

To adapt of the 4P Automatic safety belt running into the backrest is also available to use on all ambulance seating systems provided into our product range without making any design changes.

It is also available to reverse of the upholstery or to make the trimming operation as seamless. It makes the end user a maximum starilization by not allowing of the bacterial population on the seat. Stitches cause to observe of the bacterial population by means of most of the time to wash or clean of the seat is not enough to make the seat disinfect notably on the stitches.In order to avoid of bacterial population on the seat , we have designed of the seat foam to make it appropriate to reserve of the upholstery or vacuum upholstery technology for seamless trimming also.

According to new regulation considered based on EN 1789 for ambulance vehicles , since at the beginning of next year , the seats will have to have safety bely allert system. In order to correspond of this obligation , we are already finished to our solution to provide for respectable clients.